IAIA A-I-R 2023 Portfolio

Adrian Wall – Sculpture, Music and Projection Mapping

Morning Star

Mixed Media 2022

Cast/Fused Glass, Limestone and Steel

66″x30″x24″ 160lbs


Mixed Media 2022

Cast Glass, Limestone

27″X6″x6″ 30lbs

The Story Teller

Mixed Media 2021

Acid Stained Limestone, Cast Glass

26″x9″x5″ 30lbs

Flow Like Water

Yule Marble 2022

23″X 11″x4″ 35lbs

The Wind

Albaster Stone 2018

33″x18″X 7″ 55lbs

Changing Woman (click link to view)

Mixed media Collaboration with Shondinii Walters

Plaster, Projection Mapping 2016

72″x24’x24″. 100lbs

Winter Winds

Composition by Adrian Wall 2023

Pueblo flute (Anasazi Flute), Keyboards

1:52 long]

The Pueblo Potter

Indiana Limestone 2011

48″x 37’x32′ 1400lbs

The Selfie

Mixed Media

Mirror, Neon 2012

96″x24″x24″ 55lbs


Cast Glass, Cast Iron 2015

12″X8″x4″ 15lbs

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